We can design planting schemes for a whole garden, an individual bed or border, or just top up your garden with new plants when needed. Window boxes, pots and planters are an easy way to create planting spaces in an urban environment.

If flowers are what you want, we can also supply you with annuals, plants that flower constantly for a season, such as Cosmos, Pelargoniums (known as Geraniums) and Cyclamen. They only last a season, but will pep up a dull border or window box with a sea of flowers, particularly in the winter.

As we have close contacts with some of the best plant nurseries, we can not only order plants for you, but can get them delivered directly to your home if you want to plant them yourself. Or we’ll plant them for you. We can advise you which plants to order, and what would look right in your garden space.

For those with busy lives who want a low maintenance but flourishing garden, we can install an automatic watering system for you.

For free planting tips and schemes look at our Tulip Blog.

Once your garden is planted, you will need to keep the plants alive. Check out our free garden Maintenance Tips section for essential monthly advice.

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